Types of Rays: A Quick Guide

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Rays are among the most stunning and distinctive sea creatures on the planet. These fascinating fish are available in numerous styles and sizes, and are unfold throughout the globe. They’ve been round because the Jurassic interval, too – that’s over 150 million years! Being round for therefore lengthy has allowed Rays to develop some exceptional options and skills. To pay tribute to those unimaginable animals, we’ve created this information to the commonest forms of Rays.

There are as many as 600 species of Rays on the planet. Relying on their physique form and habits, every of those fish belongs to one of many 24 Ray households. All Rays are flat, with giant pectoral fins fused to their heads. The fins, eyes, and tail are all on their dorsal (higher) aspect, with the mouth and gill slits on the ventral (decrease) aspect. 

Rays make up a big group of cartilaginous fish, that are associated to Sharks. Though they appear nothing like their fearsome cousins, Rays and Sharks have just a few issues in frequent. Essentially the most vital similarity is that Rays, like Sharks, don’t have bones of their our bodies. Their skeletons are literally made out of cartilage, and like Sharks, this permits them to maneuver extra effectively.

They’re Not All Seems

Earlier than we get to the forms of Rays, let’s check out a number of options that make them stand out within the fish world.

  • Regardless of being cartilaginous, Rays have extremely robust jaws. They’ll crush hard-shelled prey with a single chew!
  • Nearly all Rays have flat stomachs, which permits them to dig into the sandy ocean backside and conceal from would-be predators. If they’re found, nevertheless, Rays received’t hesitate to make use of their venomous tails to sting their attacker. 
  • Rays can reside wherever from 15 to 25 years. 
  • Dimension-wise, these fish can develop wherever from 4 inches to over 20 toes. The biggest Ray ever recorded weighed a staggering 6,000 kilos!
  • Relying on the species, Rays can reside in oceans in addition to in freshwater. Some species have advanced to have the ability to survive in each environments.
  • Rays don’t use their eyes to search out prey. As a substitute, they use electro-sensors referred to as Ampullae of Lorenzini, which is one other similarity to Sharks.
  • In contrast to many different fish, child Rays are born absolutely fashioned. These pups are simply smaller copies of their mother and father, and are succesful swimmers from the get-go.
  • Some Rays swim by flapping their wings in a bird-like movement. Others contort their total our bodies to glide by way of the water.
  • Rays’ essential predators are Sharks, seals, and sea lions.
  • After the tragic demise of adventurer Steve Irwin, Rays have gotten a foul popularity. These creatures are literally very pleasant and even playful. They solely assault once they really feel threatened.

Now that we’ve established how cool these fish are, let’s dive into the precise forms of Rays. 

Forms of Rays


Stingrays are what individuals normally take into consideration once they say “Ray.” Identified for his or her skinny, elongated tails, Stingrays are the biggest members of the Ray household. Stingrays’ tails are geared up with barbed spines that are able to producing extremely venomous stings. A Stingray received’t assault you by itself, however it is best to listen to not step on one.

Frequent forms of Stingrays embody the Eagle Ray, Blue Noticed Ray, and the Southern Stingray. Whereas technically missing the sting, Manta Rays are additionally a part of the Stingray household. These are the biggest Rays, usually topping 2,000 kilos! 

Noticed Eagle Ray

One of the crucial frequent Stingrays is the Noticed Eagle. This stunning creature inhabits tropical waters within the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans. Darkish blue or black with numerous white spots, this animal is immediately recognizable. Not solely is it stunning to take a look at, however the Noticed Eagle will generally even reward you with a backflip because it jumps out of the water!


Sawfish are, with out query, one of many coolest trying fish within the ocean. They might look rather a lot like Sawsharks, however these creatures truly belong to the Ray household. Like Sawsharks, they boast an elongated snout lined with sharp tooth, resembling a noticed. For the longest time, individuals thought that the snout was used to dig up meals from below the sandy seafloor. Its precise use is far more spectacular than that.

First, the noticed is provided with 1000’s of electroreceptors, permitting the Sawfish to scan the world in all three dimensions. Second, it makes use of it as an precise noticed. Australian researchers have discovered that Sawfish use sudden lateral actions to assault prey – generally reducing different fish in half!

There are 5 species of Sawfish on the planet: Slender, Dwarf, Smalltooth, Largetooth, and Inexperienced Sawfish and all are endangered species. Other than Slender Sawfish, which inhabits the Atlantic ocean, all different species of Sawfish reside within the Indo-Pacific.


All people is aware of Rays and Sharks look completely totally different. However there’s one group of fish that truly hints that these two come from the identical household. These are the Guitarfish. With the flat higher physique of a Ray, and the finned decrease physique of a Shark, Guitarfish are immediately recognizable as a combination between the 2 teams.

Ray or Shark?

Guitarfish have comparatively small wings and a flat head. The wings will not be as fused to the pinnacle as these on another Rays. The dorsal fins and tail are Shark-like, and assist propel the fish ahead. These guys swim in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide, and might tolerate each saltwater and freshwater.

Electrical Rays 

Electrical Rays received their title for his or her capacity to generate and discharge electrical present. Relying on the species, these fish can discharge currents wherever between 8 and 220 volts! 

Electrical Rays boast a spherical pectoral disc, and two spherical dorsal fins. They’re present in waters world wide, and have been round since historical instances. As a matter of reality, Historic Greeks used this fish to numb the ache throughout childbirth and different operations.

One of many largest Electrical Rays is the Atlantic Torpedo, usually reaching 6 toes and 200 kilos. Do you know that the torpedo missile truly received its title after this fish? 


At first look, Skates look rather a lot like Stingrays. There are just a few variations between them, nevertheless. First, Skates’ tails don’t have stings. As a substitute, Skates have barbs alongside their spines or on their tails for protection. Second, Skates have a lot wider and firmer tails. The snout on a Skate can also be agency compared to that of a Stingray. 

One other distinction between the 2 forms of Rays is that Skates reside in a lot deeper waters than Stingrays. If you happen to’re a diver, you’re more likely to come across a coastal Stingray than a deep-dwelling Skate. Skates generally reside in depths over 9,000 toes.

Skates are amongst just a few forms of Rays that lay eggs. They do that by laying a novel trying egg case, referred to as a Mermaid’s Purse. There’s only a handful of fish species that reproduce this fashion, and every has its personal distinctive trying purse.

Like Electrical Rays, Skates can produce an electrical present. Nevertheless, the electrical output of a Skate is nowhere close to as robust as that of an Electrical Ray. For that reason, scientists imagine that it’s used as a type of communication.

And So Many Extra

There are numerous extra forms of Rays, every with their very own quirks and skills. We hope that you simply’ll get fortunate sufficient to see one within the flesh – it received’t be a sight you’ll overlook any time quickly. And for those who do see one, you’ll now be capable of say “I do know this fish”! Simply watch out to not step on one.

Some Rays are part-time picture fashions.

Have you ever ever encountered a Ray earlier than? What’s your favourite Ray? Tell us within the feedback beneath.

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