Spearfishing for Beginners – The Complete Guide

Studying Time: 8 minutes

Spearfishing has been part of human life for ages. As soon as practiced for survival, this historical fishing approach has blossomed right into a beloved sport practiced by folks around the globe. Technological developments apart, spearfishing hasn’t truly modified a lot over the centuries. Nonetheless, to spearfish efficiently isn’t any straightforward feat, particularly in the event you’re simply moving into the game. At this time, we’ll cowl all there’s to find out about spearfishing for rookies.

In case you’re new to spearfishing, you’ll wish to get accustomed to just a few fundamentals. These are: gear, approach, and security. We’ll clarify every one intimately. By the point you’ve learn this, you’ll be able to dive proper in.

Spearfishing Gear

Spearfishing doesn’t require a ton of apparatus, however just a few objects are important. Except you’re scuba diving for giant recreation, you gained’t even want to spend so much to cowl all of the fundamentals.

Masks and Snorkel

Crucial issues about selecting a great masks are match and visibility. Attempt totally different masks to search out one which sticks firmly to your face, whereas supplying you with good visibility in any respect angles. Go for a low profile masks, which permits much less air inside. It will make it simpler to take care of the stress distinction underwater. Lastly, take into account that clear lenses are good for visibility in clear waters, whereas coloured lenses can enhance distinction in murky waters.

As for the snorkel, there’s no must go fancy right here – the best “J” formed snorkel will do. You’ll do nicely to keep away from any purge valves, as a result of all they do is make bubbles and alert the fish to your presence.


Fins could be a highly effective instrument for getting round and conserving power underneath water. If you should select, go for the larger ones – your swollen ft will thanks. High quality plastic fins get the job finished, nonetheless, newer fiberglass and carbon supplies require a lot much less power to function. The draw back is that they arrive with a steeper value. For rookies, plastic fins ought to be simply fantastic.

Irrespective of which materials you go for, you’ll want one thing between the fin and your naked ft. Spearfishing booties are sock-like protectors from chilly and friction.

Spearfishing Wetsuit

There’s all kinds of wetsuits to select from. The one factor you need to hold a watch out for is the thickness of the wetsuit. Relying on the water temperature you’re spearfishing in, you’ll need a thicker or thinner swimsuit. Typically, for heat, brief dives, a thickness of 1.5 mm is greater than sufficient. Remember to decide a wetsuit that may mix into the environment, or the fish will discover you.

You’ll additionally want a pair of sturdy, versatile gloves to provide you a great grip in your gear, in addition to to maintain you heat.

Weight Belt

Wetsuits are buoyant, so that you’ll want one thing to maintain you submerged. There’s nothing fancy a couple of weight belt, simply be sure you have one.

Spearfishing Knife

There will likely be instances while you don’t kill the fish in your first strive. To dispatch the fish rapidly and spare it from struggling, you’ll want a great, waterproof knife. The knife may also be a lifesaver in conditions while you get your ft tangled in weeds, ropes, or fishing traces.

Hawaiian Sling vs. Pole Spear vs. Speargun

Your weapon of selection might be a very powerful a part of your spearfishing gear. Relying on the fish you’re after, the waters you’re in and your funds, you’ll have three choices. A pole spear, a Hawaiian sling, and a speargun.

Learn how to Use a Hawaiian Sling

Pole spears are similar to Hawaiian slings, and the 2 are sometimes confused with each other. Spearfishers use each for close- quarter searching, however there are just a few variations. The Hawaiian sling is a reasonably easy contraption, and it really works very similar to a bow and arrow. It features a spear shaft, and a shaft holder. The shaft holder is used to stabilize and intention the spear, and it comes with a rubber sling hooked up to it.

To make use of a Hawaiian sling, merely intention your spear together with your weaker hand, and pull the sling together with your stronger one. Don’t pull prematurely as this could tire you out sooner. When you may have the fish locked in, launch the sling.

Learn how to Use a Pole Spear

A pole spear is a spearfishing weapon made out of fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, graphite, or wooden. They’re normally 4–10 ft lengthy, with a threaded high to accommodate the spear tip. There are two essential varieties of spear suggestions: the three-pronged paralyzer and the single-pronged Tahitian shaft. The butt finish of the pole spear is supplied with an elastic band. Lastly, there’s a rope for retrieving the pole spear.

To fireplace a pole spear, seize the pole with one hand, and pull on the elastic band with the criminal of your thumb. It’s best to draw back from the butt of the spear in the direction of the highest to create rigidity. Don’t pull too arduous as a result of your pole will bend, particularly if it’s longer than eight ft. To forestall the pole from bending, twist the shaft as you’re pulling the band round it. Get a decent grip on the spear with the identical hand you may have the elastic band in, and liberate your different hand, in order that it could possibly maintain the retrieval rope. Purpose together with your arms out and launch to fireplace the pole spear. Pull the rope to retrieve.


Then there’s the speargun. The essential elements of a speargun are the spear, the barrel, and the deal with with the set off mechanism.

There are two essential varieties of spearguns: pneumatic and band weapons. Pneumatic spearguns use air stress to fireplace blades. Older variations of pneumatic spearguns usually underperformed in deeper waters. Nonetheless, newer, hermetic fashions are way more highly effective in all depths. As for the band weapons, they’re a great all-around spearfishing weapon. You’ll want slightly talent to load them underwater, however otherwize, they’re very straightforward to make use of. Pneumatic weapons are normally measured by the dimensions of their barrel, whereas band weapons are measured by their whole size.

Learn how to Load a Band Speargun

To function a band speargun, the very first thing you’ll must be taught is the best way to load it. To load a band speargun, you’ll must get a great grip on the deal with of your gun with one hand, so that you could lengthen the opposite to succeed in the band. When you’ve finished this, place the deal with firmly in opposition to the center of your chest. Launch the deal with and use each palms to drag the band throughout the shaft till you’re feeling a click on. Good work, you’ve loaded your speargun!

Firing a speargun isn’t troublesome, however like several talent, you’ll want lots of apply to turn out to be good at it. Many spearguns have a robust recoil. To keep away from getting injured, you’ll must discover ways to intention with out leaning into the gun. Lengthen your arm and pull the set off. Most spearguns have barbs close to the spear tip, which open up as soon as the spear pierces via the fish, locking it securely. Now you’ll be able to pull your prey in with out the chance of it getting away.


The float is without doubt one of the most essential items of spearfishing gear. This brightly coloured contraption is usually inflatable and geared up with a flag. Connected to the butt of your spear with a float line, the float serves just a few functions:

  • The float alerts close by boats of your presence;
  • You possibly can resurface for air when you’ve speared a fish, without having to carry on to your spear;
  • The float lets you resurface for air in case your spear will get caught on underwater construction.

Spearfishing Approach

Relying on the place you might be relative to the water, there are 3 ways you’ll be able to spearfish. These are shallow water spearfishing, freedive spearfishing, and scuba dive spearfishing. When folks consider spearfishing generally, they normally consider the freedive variant, and with good motive. It’s by far the toughest, and in keeping with many spearos, the truest option to spearfish.

Shallow Water Spearfishing

This includes spearfishing from above the water line, or simply underneath it. That is the best option to spearfish, each by way of approach and the gear required. You are able to do it from a kayak, a ship, and even from the shore.

Freedive Spearfishing

As any spearo will let you know, you’ll be able to’t be a great spearfisher earlier than you’ve turn out to be a great diver. Mastering your respiration approach and studying the best way to behave underwater are important in your security, in addition to your odds of touchdown that tasty dinner. Listed below are just a few diving cues to observe:

  • Begin small. Get just a few shallow water dives in first, simply to get comfy within the water.
  • Loosen up and preserve power. The slightest waste of power will imply much less time underwater, and fewer probability of catching the fish.
  • Equalize. This system is used to make up for the distinction in stress. Identical to in an airplane. Cowl your nostril, shut your mouth, and attempt to blow the air out till you hear a pop. Don’t blow too arduous, otherwise you’ll damage your eardrums!
  • Be stealthy. You’re not going to out-swim any fish, so that you’ll must depend on the ability of shock. Make your actions as slight and pure as potential.

Scuba Dive Spearfishing

Merely put, spearfishing with scuba gear will help you attain better depths, the place you will discover greater fish. Your dives will, after all, be longer and also you’ll be capable to really research the conduct of the fish you’re concentrating on.

Spearfishing Security Precautions

For all of the enjoyable it provides, spearfishing will be fairly harmful. There are a variety of how you will get damage, or worse. Fellow spearos within the water, underwater construction, Sharks, and simply the truth that you’ll be able to’t breathe all make spearfishing too scary for lots of people. Nonetheless, in the event you make sure that to take just a few security precautions, you’ll be able to reduce these risks and take advantage of out of your spearfishing expertise.

  • All the time spearfish with a buddy. In case you run out of air, get tangled and even attacked, you’ll want somebody that can assist you out.
  • By no means level your spear gun within the path of one other individual.
  • All the time depart your self a time cushion. You don’t wish to floor on the final second. There are numerous issues that may delay your ascent, so depart some room.
  • Keep away from areas with excessive site visitors. Boats might not discover you even if in case you have a float.

From Miami to Sydney, increasingly more individuals are moving into spearfishing on daily basis. Whereas it might be bodily demanding, spearfishing is extremely enjoyable and addicting. Not solely do you expertise breathtaking marine life first-hand, you additionally get an unbelievable sense of accomplishment, bringing that tasty fish in for dinner.

In case you’re simply moving into the game, you’ll have to begin gradual and straightforward. There will likely be instances while you’re simply sore and exhausted. However then, you’ll catch your first fish. After which one other. Abruptly, you’ll be happening deeper dives, catching greater fish than you ever thought potential. Earlier than lengthy, you’ll notice that moving into spearfishing was among the best selections you’ve ever made.

So, what do you assume, is spearfishing one thing you wish to strive? Or have you ever spearfished earlier than? What are among the greatest locations for spearfishing in your opinion? Tell us within the feedback beneath.