Sawfish vs. Sawshark: A Quick Guide

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Sawfish and Sawsharks are two of essentially the most distinctive wanting fish on the earth. With their distinctively lengthy snouts, and almost flat our bodies, these guys appear like nothing else within the ocean. Properly, not less than not counting one another. Regardless of being in two utterly completely different households of fish, Sawfish and Sawsharks look almost equivalent. So how on earth do you inform if one thing is a Sawfish vs. Sawshark? That’s precisely what you’re about to be taught.

As we talked about, Sawfish and Sawsharks belong to 2 completely different households of fish. Sawfish belong to the Ray household, and Sawsharks are, properly, Sharks. 

The place do they stay?

These two teams of fish are widespread world wide. Each Sawfish and Sawsharks inhabit tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Indo-Pacific, and western Pacific oceans. They’re mostly discovered round South Africa, Australia, Japan, and the northwestern Caribbean. 

A Japanese Sawshark, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 2.5

Sawfish like coastal waters. Each have a tendency to maintain close to the underside of the seabed, though Sawsharks are inclined to swim in a lot deeper waters.

Which is greater?

The primary distinction between a Sawfish and a Sawshark is of their dimension. Whereas Sawsharks normally high out at a modest 5 toes and 19 kilos, Sawfish can develop over 20 toes and weigh over 1,200 kilos!

A Sawshark is comparatively small.

What’s the noticed for? 

Each Sawfish and Sawsharks use their noticed as a weapon. The saws are geared up with numerous sharp tooth, which the fish use to chop down and incapacitate prey. Utilizing sudden lateral actions, Sawfish can use their noticed to chop different fish in half!

That’s not all, nonetheless. Sawsharks and Sawfish each have 1000’s of electroreceptors on their snouts. These sensors, known as the Ampullae of Lorenzini, are used to navigate the water and discover prey.

The snouts are literally very completely different on these two fish. Whereas Sawfish have a uniform noticed lined with tooth of equal sizes, the noticed of a Sawshark has a fairly unkempt look about it. 

Sawshark’s tooth alternate between massive and small, and there’s a single pair of barbs close to the center of their snout. These whisker-like organs are used to really feel the ocean ground for meals. Final however not least, Sawsharks have a wedge-shaped noticed, versus the slim, rectangular jaw of the Sawfish.

A Largetooth Sawfish with its evenly formed noticed.

The gills on a Sawshark are situated on the perimeters, like on every other Shark. The gills on a Sawfish are on the underside, which is typical of Rays. 


There are 5 identified species of Sawfish on the earth. These are the Slim, Dwarf, Smalltooth, Largetooth, and Inexperienced Sawfish. All of them are endangered species. Aside from Slim Sawfish, an inhabitant of the Atlantic ocean, all different species of Sawfish stay within the Indo-Pacific.

However, there are six dwelling species of Sawsharks. Thse are the Sixgilll, Longnose, Shortnose, Tropical, Japanese, and Lana’s Sawsharks.

Enjoyable truth: Sawfish fins are a well-liked alternative for Shark soup, although Sawfish aren’t actually Sharks.

What do you concentrate on these two distinctive wanting fish? Have you ever ever encountered one earlier than? Tell us within the feedback under.

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