Sauger vs. Walleye: All You Need to Know

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Walleye and Sauger are two of the tastiest freshwater fish on the market. Anglers across the Nice Lakes and past love these guys for his or her combating spirit and scrumptious, flaky meat. However how do you determine Sauger vs. Walleye? The place do they dwell, and what’s the distinction between them? We cowl all these questions and extra on this brief, jargon-free information.

Distinction Between Sauger and Walleye

At first look, each these fish look fairly related. They’re carefully associated, and have the identical fundamental physique form. Nevertheless, there are a number of telltale indicators to look out for:

  • Physique Shade: Sauger are a brassy colour with massive darkish blotches. Walleye are a strong golden colour all throughout their higher physique.
  • Dorsal fin: Sauger have darkish spots on their prime (dorsal) fin. Walleye don’t have spots, however their final two spines are strong black.
  • Tail: Walleye have a white patch on the decrease fin of their tail. Sauger tails are the identical sample throughout.
  • Dimension: Walleye are bigger than Sauger. Most Sauger max out at round 15 inches. Walleye usually hit double that.

Bonus Spherical: Saugeye

When Sauger and Walleye inhabit the identical waters, they generally cross breed. This produces hybrid “Saugeye” which look a bit of like each their mother and father.

They’ve darkish blotches, like Sauger. In addition they have a white decrease tail, just like Walleye. Briefly, in case your fish seems to be like a combination of the 2 species, it most likely is.

Sauger vs. Walleye Habitat

Walleye often want massive, open waters, most famously Lake Erie.

You don’t usually have to fret about Saugeye throwing a wrench into the works. The explanation for that’s easy: Walleye and Sauger have a tendency to hang around in fairly completely different waters.

Walleye often dwell in massive, deep, cool lakes or reservoirs. They like clear water and rocky or gravel bottoms. That is how they earned their nickname “Gravel Lizards.”

Sauger are largely present in rivers and streams, though they do additionally dwell in lakes. They like quick currents, however they like to remain out of them more often than not. Sauger often conceal in deep, murky swimming pools with sandy or muddy bottoms.

Sauger and Walleye are each nice fish to catch. On prime of that, they each style scrumptious. Hopefully, you now have a greater thought of the place each species dwell. Extra importantly, you’ll be capable to inform them aside subsequent time you catch one.

Which one do you like to catch, Sauger, Walleye, or Saugeye? Which one do you suppose tastes finest? Do you’ve got every other manner of telling them aside? Tell us within the feedback under!

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