Most Common Types of Fishing Lures – All You Need to Know

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In case you’ve ever used a fishing lure to catch fish, you understand how efficient they are often. For these of you who haven’t, a fishing lure is a sort of synthetic fishing bait used to draw fish. Lures are available many various shapes, sizes, and colours, every designed to draw a selected vary of fish species. In fact, what works with one fish gained’t essentially work with one other. So, how are you aware which fishing lure to make use of? At the moment, we’re going to look at the commonest forms of fishing lures and methods to use them. After you’ve learn this, you’ll have the ability to catch your restrict very quickly!

Utilizing a fishing lure is the commonest different to reside baiting. Earlier than we dig into the varied forms of fishing lures, let’s check out some professionals and cons of utilizing them, when in comparison with utilizing reside bait.

The professionals of fishing lures are:

  • Lures permit you to solid additional than utilizing reside bait
  • Utilizing lures is much less messy than utilizing reside bait
  • Lures are higher for catch and launch, as a result of the fish are much less prone to gulp all the hook
  • Utilizing lures means that you can goal a species extra precisely
  • Lures are simply interchangeable

The cons of utilizing fishing lures are:

  • Lures are usually dearer than reside bait
  • Lures can get snagged on underwater construction
  • Utilizing lures requires you to continuously transfer them to be able to appeal to the fish
  • Some lures require talent to make use of successfully, which makes it tougher for rookies
  • Lures are usually not as efficient as bait in colder waters

In case you use them accurately, fishing lures may be your finest buddy. They’re equally efficient in freshwater and saltwater, and can be utilized to catch all kinds of fish species. Naturally, there are a lot of several types of fishing lures. Among the mostly used are:


Plugs or crankbaits are laborious plastic fishing lures formed and coloured to resemble bait fish or different prey. They’re made out of a strong or hole piece of plastic, with a skinny sheet of steel or plastic hooked up to the entrance. This sheet is known as a lip.

The lip is typically adjustable to make the lure wobble. Plugs function two or three treble hooks. Relying on the design, plugs can float, sink, dive, or hover.

Fishing with a Plug Lure

Most plugs float on the water’s floor or droop within the water, however dive sharply when retrieved. You may reap the benefits of this with a sequence of reel-and-stop strikes that can resemble the habits of reside bait fish. Change your twitching intervals and reeling pace for selection.


Jigs have a weighted head on one facet and a hook on the opposite. That includes both a feather skirt or plastic grub, jigs are usually thought of to be some of the standard forms of fishing lures. Because of their weight, jigs sink simply. This makes them nice for backside feeders.

Fishing with a Jigging Lure

To reap the benefits of the jig weight, solid it out and let it sink to the underside. You’ll know that your jig has sunk the second you see the road go slack. When this occurs, begin jigging: elevate your rod up (barely), after which retrieve the road as you decrease it once more.

Experiment with completely different speeds in addition to huge and small actions to see what works finest. Hold your eyes on the road – a strike could make the faintest pull on it.


Spinnerbait lures are slightly completely different as a result of they transfer horizontally by way of the water. They arrive in lots of shapes and colours relying on the focused depth and species.

Spinnerbaits include a skirted hook on one facet, and a number of steel blades which spin like a propeller, on the opposite. The spinning of the blades creates vibration and shade reflection, which fairly precisely mimics minnows and different bait fish. These lures are good for catching species like Bass, Perch, and Pike.

Fishing with a Spinnerbait Lure

If the water you’re fishing in is murky, pulling your spinnerbait simply beneath the floor is an effective way of attracting recreation fish. The spinning blades make a sudden flash that pulls plenty of fish. Simply maintain your rod excessive and ensure the blades are beneath the floor.

If the fish are hiding in deeper waters the place visibility is even worse, this gained’t work. On this case, add a sinker and depend on the vibrations of your spinnerbait lure.


Spoons are curved, concave steel lures. Spoon lures bought their title as a result of they have been initially simply that – spoons with the handles lower off. Their concave form makes them shine and wobble as they transfer by way of the water. The larger the curve, the broader the wobble. A wobbling lure resembles injured bait fish, and that is one thing recreation fish can’t say no to.

Fishing with a Spoon Lure

You may solid a spoon lure or troll it. For casting, anglers often go for 10–20 toes beneath the goal zone, after which retrieve the lure proper by way of it. Make sure that to take take a look at the transferring spoon to find out the sufficient pace of retrieval.

If the spoon strikes too quick or too gradual, it gained’t wobble correctly. Identical goes for trolling. Trolling with spoons often requires downriggers for setting a desired depth.

Mushy Plastics

Mushy plastic lures are versatile rubbery baits that imitate quite a lot of aquatic critters. These may be something from minnows, worms, and crawfish to lizards and frogs. Mushy plastics are steadily used for Bass fishing.

Fishing with Mushy Plastic Lures

You should definitely choose the correct dimension and shade of your gentle plastic. The colour of the lure ought to slot in naturally with the environment. Go along with brighter plastics on a transparent day, however avoid them when the sky is overcast.

Wounded creatures are likely to swim in spurts and gentle plastics will permit you to mimic this motion very precisely. Let the lure sink to the underside, and twitch your rod a number of instances. In case you get no hook-up, pull the lure up in a number of jerky strikes.


Flies are a sort of fishing lure historically utilized in fly fishing. Because of the event of latest supplies, they are often generally be utilized in spin fishing, as properly. Fly fishing lures encompass only a single hook and a skirt. Utilizing furs, feathers, or thread, these lures are tied to resemble bugs, crustaceans, or different prey.

This resemblance may be thoughts boggling, thoughts you. That’s as a result of fly tying isn’t simple – many even contemplate it to be an artwork type. However that’s one of many explanation why fly fishing is so immersive and addictive for individuals who attempt it.

Fishing with Fly Lures

Flies work nice in areas the place fish method the water’s floor. Some fly lures are designed to drift (floor flies), whereas others are designed to sink (subsurface flies).

Relying on what kind of prey your focused fish is extra prone to eat, you’ll be utilizing dry flies (waterproof lures that float on the floor to mimic bugs), moist flies (lures designed to sink beneath the floor and imitate minnows and sunken bugs), nymphs (imitating crustaceans), rising flies (hatching bugs), and streamer flies (bait fish).

So there you have got it. What are your favourite forms of fishing lures? Which one would you wish to check out subsequent? Tell us within the feedback beneath.

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