Black Cod vs. Cod: A Quick Guide

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In a number of methods, Pacific Cod and Black Cod are very comparable species. Each fish dwell in deep, chilly waters of the Pacific, and may look very a lot alike once you pull them out of the water. Not solely that, Black Cod and Cod each style superb, and are sometimes marketed below the identical title. Significantly, for those who ever had hassle telling Black Cod vs. Cod aside, we will’t blame you. However not anymore! With this fast information, we’ll reply all of your Black Cod vs. Cod questions and extra.

First, let’s check out some fundamental info about these two fish.

Pacific Cod are one of many two “frequent” Cod species, the opposite being the now endangered Atlantic Cod. Since Pacific Cod shares a lot of its habitat with Black Cod, these are the fish that folks typically find yourself complicated.

Black Cod, however, are literally not Cod in any respect. They belong to a complete different household of fish and sometimes go by the title of Sablefish.

Distribution and Habitat

Pacific Cod are backside dwellers, conserving to the ocean ground at depths of as much as 3,000 toes. You will discover them in chilly waters of the northern Pacific, from Japan, throughout the Bering Sea to Alaska and Canada.

Black Cod favor deeper, muddy sea beds, from depths of a 1,000 to 9,000 toes. They inhabit the northeastern waters of the Pacific, and are mostly discovered off the coast of Alaska, and all the best way down south to California.


Black Cod and Cod can actually look alike for those who line them up aspect by aspect. Nevertheless, each fish boast a couple of distinct options that give them away.

Black Cod are darkish grey, nearly black in coloration. They characteristic two comparatively quick dorsal fins, and a really faint lateral line.

Pacific Cod are lighter in coloration, brownish with darkish spots scattered throughout their our bodies. They boast three dorsal fins, a barbel on their chins, and a vibrant lateral line on their sides.

supply: NOAA

When it comes to measurement, the 2 fish are comparable, though Cod are sometimes a bit extra stoutly constructed. Sablefish and Cod max out at round 47 inches. Nevertheless, the previous normally develop no larger than 10 kilos, in comparison with Cod, which might attain 15 kilos.

One massive distinction between the 2 fish is their life span. Whereas most Pacific Cod dwell as much as 12 years, Sablefish typically attain the age of 90!

Texture and Style

Black Cod boast white and fatty meat, with a velvety texture and buttery taste. Cod meat is white and flaky, however firmer and leaner. It has a good bit of moisture, and a gentle style. The excellent news about each fish is that they’re considerable of their habitat, which suggests you can catch your fill any time you need!

When it comes to diet, Black Cod and Cod are each wonderful selections. Cod, specifically its liver oil, is a good supply of nutritional vitamins A, D, and E in addition to worthwhile omega-3s. Sablefish are even richer in omega-3s, containing as a lot as wild Salmon. The upper fats content material of Black Cod actually reveals when energy enter the equation.

A 3.5 oz serving of Black Cod accommodates nearly 200 kcal. Pacific Cod, however, has simply 85 kcal.

And the Winner is…

Whichever tastes higher to you! Significantly, these two fish are comparable in nearly each means aside from style, so selecting comes down to private desire. One factor we will let you know is, whichever you go for, you’ve made a sensible choice!